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Hey guys.. It's been a while since I last posted on this thread.. Today I did something that I had been intending on doing for some time.. Well ever since I finished the HTM-12 build really..

So... the HTM-12's have always been firing directly to the MLP with no toe in and due to how I built my baffle wall, the tweeters on the HTM-12's have always been approx 1.5 feet above ear level when sat on the couch in the MLP.

Today I had some free time and I had previously ordered some rubber feet (same ones I used to isolate my sofa for the ButtKicker) and as they had arrived today, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to re position and experiment with some toe in.

I didn't want to permanently fix the rubber feet to the speaker cabinets so I used a good quality double sided tape and mounted 4 x rubber feet on top of each speaker cabinet.. I then turned them upside down and measured from the floor up to the middle of the CD and waveguides.. It was exactly the same measurement as my ear height from the floor at my MLP.. both at 38 inches.. This worked out perfectly.. So now I have the HTM-12's with the tweeters bang at ear level and the 12" mids slightly above ear level when seated (approx 1 foot above)...

Quick test revealed a slightly different sound.. I was surprised and happy at the same time... I mean don't get me wrong there was absolutely no I'll effect or complaints about how they sounded before but I believe that this type of CD tweeters and waveguides being at ear level or as close to makes a huge difference in how they disburse the high frequencies.. Result was awesome! Highs sound slightly cleaner and the Mids sound slightly punchier and fuller.. I will re run Anthem Room Correction (ARC) and see what the results show and if it further adds to the sound as I have technically changed their positions and the ports are now positioned differently.

I then wanted to experiement with toe-in, to see if this would further enhance how they sound.. This process took me almost 2 hrs to get them sounding their best to me.. Again the result is a wall of sound with seemless and effortless integration of surrounds... I tried several degrees of toe-in and found that slightly toe-in the left and right channel sounded better than a huge amount of toe-in.. I have attached some pictures but may be a little difficult to make out what's happening, however I'm sure you'll get the idea

The moral of the story is, I am a firm believer in toe in even if its just a little bit and also having the tweeters at ear level.. Hope this helps someone out there and hope you enjoyed my experience which I wanted to share with you guys

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