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Hey all, thought I'd share a couple home projects I have been working on. I have read a good bit about Aurlex's SubDude HD. From what I read, their function and outcome are controversial. In my home, my living area and kitchen are on big great room. Not the greatest for AV Systems, but its what we got, lol. Between the kitchen and living area is a short hall to the dining room, right off that hall is a bath. When my system is on, I hear lower bass in the bathroom then I do in the living area. My floor is carpet over plywood. Below is an unfinished basement with everything exposed. So I thought I would try a SubDude, but instead of buying one, I would make one. Materials- 3/4 MDF, Roxul ComfortBatt R-15 Unfaced, Performix Brand 11oz Plasti Dip and 4 inch pressure treated finials. From all my research, the MDF, Roxul and Performix have sound deadening and isolation properties. Exactly what we want- isolation and a control of resonant sound. There was specific batting for Sound, but that was way too expensive. We built the top 2 inches larger all way round than my sub. Below it, we eclosed a little over 4 inches to house the Roxul. The Roxul was 3.5 inches think. We were able to cram 3 layers into our enclosure with pressure clamps. We attached the bottom and legs. Then started spraying it with the Performix. The pic shown has 4 coats. We plan 8. Here is our creation:

It is a little taller than I had wanted, but to achieve what I wanted it needed to be.

My next project. I have a set of Sanus BF31's. I moved my speakers and as a result the left speaker was partially blocked by the couch back. Roughly 5 inches. I do not like the adjustable metal stands, just my preference. What to do? Build a riser, lol. Again we used 3/4 MDF. Purchased 7 inch decorative leg stands from Lowes and set to it. We wanted to angle the legs out from each corner for added stability. We added 1.5 inches all the way around, almost .5 taken back from the route. We angle drilled underneath to attach the legs- which we had to cut the top at an angle to get the outreached legs. We replaced the preinstalled screw with a double sided wood screw and attached it as well as glued it. The shape of the platform perfectly matches the Sanus' base with the same route. All that needs to be done now is to paint it with Satin Black. The height will be perfect. Consider the head of the leg partially cut, the recess of the drilling under the the platform and it should stand almost perfectly above my couch back.

Once painted, just need to attach it.  Going to use a hole bit and cut a 1.5 inch in the center so I can run the speaker wire up through.  I am torn on attaching it to base.  For rock solid attachment I considered using Loctite as well as small wood screws from bottom up.  But if I ever change stands and want to reuse these, that wont happen, lol.  I thought of industrial thin double faced tape then screwing.  I dont want to just screw because the screw length wont be too long to avoid poking out.  I want a sealed lock between riser and stand base.  Will figure it out :) .

Thanks for looking and letting me share... so what do you think?
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