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Hi, so i'm planning on getting a sub so I thought I would try building one myself :)
I have a 'YAMAHA RS202D' amplifier which I use to run 2 Dali Pico Bookshelf speakers from.
The amp does not have a dedicated sub output or inbuilt cutoff capabilities so I will just have to run the sub from the amplifier speaker outputs to a sub amplifier.
For the Sub Amp, as I wont need too much power I was thinking of the 'Behringer NU1000 Inuke 1000W Power Amplifier'- Do you guys think this is a good amp for my project?
For the driver I am still undecided but i've heard great things about the Monolith Drive Unit-

And for the enclosure as I don't have much equipment or carpentry skills I thought I would be best to go for something like this- a pre-made 40l MDF enclosure as shown in photos.

Do you guys think this will work?
Any responses would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks in Advance
Peace and Love


1 - 4 of 4 Posts