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DIYer Builds Speakers to Suit Home Theater, Credits AVS Forum Members For Help

Scott Vonhof has a lot to sound off about, but it's his self-built speakers that make us listen up.

Many of us are slaves to our sound systems; Scott Vonhof decided to be its master. Instead of allowing the manufacturers to dictate the size and specs of his home theater speakers, this do-it-yourselfer decided to take musical matters into his own hands.

Vonhof came up with the design of his home theater speakers based on four Peerless woofers he already owned. I wanted to make a compact cabinet as compared to what I used to have them in, he says. So Vonhof chose the other drivers and had the crossovers designed and built by Madisound Speaker Components. Later, he went back to add a center channel and matching rear units. The speakers perform flawlessly and have given me zero problems, he says with pride.

Even though Madisound built the crossovers, Vonhof got his hands plenty dirty during the construction of his home theater. Aside from the carpet on the risers, he had a hand in every square inch of this room, dubbed the MNIplex. He even built the candy display and equipment rack, with the latter being constructed out of an older A/V rack.

While such crafty endeavors may sound cool, to some it sounds like a waste of good theater time. Not for Vonhof. With hardware store experience under his belt, this mechanical designer was made to build his own theater. Maybe that's why he and wife Kathy were so discriminating when it came to choosing a new homeyes, it needed to have certain criteria to make his dream a reality. For instance, both wanted the theater to be disconnected from the master bedroom; it also needed to be dark enough, large enough, and without a fireplace or sliding door, like so many they had encountered.

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