This is perhaps a bit niche, and off the beaten path, but the Ronin SC gimbal from DJI is an amazing piece of hardware capable of stabilizing mirrorless cameras so as to create cinematic footage. If you are into creating your own 4K videos, there's a lot to gain by using a quality gimbal with your camera.

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Right now, you can pick up an amazing gimbal at a super price: $279 for the DJI Ronin SC.

There are plenty of compact, inexpensive gimbals out there for cell phones and pocket cameras. But once you start getting into gimbals that can support cameras that weigh several pounds, the selection tightens and the prices go way up. That's why this sale is so interesting, for barely more than the cost of a much less capable gimbal, you get robust hardware that's a proven performer.

A gimbal like this is certainly not for everybody, but it is the key to smooth 4K footage from a 4K capable camera.

If you have filmmaking aspirations and an appropriate camera, you may even be interested in the Ronin SC Pro Combo, which includes a focus will and focus motor and mounting system, allowing you to set up a follow-focus rig. Normally the Pro package sells for $539, but it's now selling for $329.

Also, 6 months of zero interest financing if you have the Amazon Store card.


This is the standard kit selling for $279

The reason for the savings on these gimbals is because just a few weeks ago, DJI introduced the sequel to this model, called the RSC 2. It sells for $499, or $739 for the Pro Combo. Mow, it's true that the new model has some nice new features like a folding design that cleverly lets you use the gimbal in multiple configurations, as well as a small screen to change settings (rather than relying on the app), as well as a higher payload capacity and a bit more battery life. But it also comes at considerably higher cost while performing largely the same functions.

Anyhow, if you are interested in getting your feet wet in the world of pro-quality gimbals, either of the Ron SC packages here is the most gimbal you'll get for your dollar.



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