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JVC just announced a new DILA projector aimed at the Home Theater market, the DLA-G150HT. Looks like basically a precalibrated G-15 for $17995 list, tho it does include digital keystone correction and can handle a 1080p/24 input.

see http://www.jvc.com/prof/Attributes/p...&feature_id=08

Anybody got any more details on it? Care to speculate on how it will perform relative to a calibrated G15?

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This looks like it would be about perfect for what I am hoping to set up in a year or so. What do people think the chances are of the street price dipping below $10k in that time frame?

Just curious...

The 150HT should perform better overall than a calibrated G15, I believe Tom Stites said that the units are "cherry picked" for good contrast and that they should meet or exceed the 600:1 contrast spec. You're doing pretty well if your regular calibrated G15 gets over that, and all the 150HT's should get at least that. The newer scaler, (I think) improved internal optics, and lower noise are kind of nice, but maybe not as important in a dedicated installation with an HTPC/scaler.

I seem to remember that the red primary on the G15 is a little in the orange-red, I wonder if the filter has been changed for the 150HT? Maybe Tom will come by and post something.

I don't think the price will ever dip into the $10k range, I think the 150HT is only going to approved dealers and it will probably never see the deep discounting that the G15 currently does. Although, who knows what will happen in a year... 1080P native projector? http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/biggrin.gif


Kam Fung
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IMHO, the best feature of the G150HT over the G15 is that it is quiet. Only 38 db.

I think that one of the biggest complaints about D-ILA is not picture quality but fan noise. This puppy solves that.
I concur with Kam. Tom told Knuck and I at Infocomm to expect that the G150HT will not be discounted.

He also said it ships without a lens.

I'm sure Tom will correct me if I remembered something incorrect.

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