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DLNA Streaming song looping issue using Denon 4308 & Synology DS212J

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Hello all,

I'm using the DLNA capabilities of the Denon 4308CI to stream music from my Synology DS212J NAS (Using Audiostation / DS Audio) for more than one year now.

I've recently just disconnected and reconnected the network cables on my routeur (on which are plugged the Denon and the NAS), and now, since several days, when i try to play music, the songs will not switch to the next one in the playlist, but the same song will play over and over, infinitely.

I've tryied on another DLNA device (TV), and it's working well (goes to the next song when the current one is over).

Also, there has always been bugs while playing music on the Denon through DLNA: the time slider and the volume control slider have never been working using DS Audio / AudioStation to stream to the Denon 4308.

I've tried many things (turn completly off for the night, resetup the network on the Denon menus, unplug/replug the network cables, re-index files on the NAS, ...), but i haven't yet found the solution, and it makes now the music streaming function from my NAS unusable (cause i don't want to have to manually switch to the next song each time one is played).

Does anyone of you encountered similar problems using the DLNA function of Denon AVRs ?

Does anyone have a potential solution ?

Thanks !
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I'm not sure it's the same issue, but I thought the Denon DLNA was totally broken, but it turned out that Shuffle had been turned on. Once I turned that off all was well again.

It may be that Repeat Track is turned on and all you need to do is turn that off. The specifics on how to do that should be in the manual (I don't remember or I'd tell you).

Hello Mike,

Unfortunately, i already tryied removing Shuffle & Repeat, both from the amp and the NAS, but the problem is still there... :-/
It might be worth trying another DLNA server to see if you can decide if it's the amp or the NAS at fault.

I have found that Asset UPnP from dbPoweramp works very well. They have a free trial.


After many hours of tests, i'm now sure it's coming from my Denon Amp.

All other DLNA devices are playing songs without looping.

And with different devices streaming via DLNA to my Denon Amp, songs are looping infinitely (unless i press next).

I'm still continuing to try and test everything, but i start to be desperate to not find any solution :-/

Everything was working for months, and suddenly, it's not working anymore. Frustrating :-(
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After weeks of hours of searching, i finally found a way to make it work again ! VICTORY !!!

I'm posting this if anybody encounter the same issue one day.

So, i had to play a song over DLNA, and while the song is playing, change the "Repeat" (to ALL) and "Random" (to ALL) options on the Denon AVR-4308CI.

Then, at the end of the currently playing song, the options automatically reset on the Denon (to NO / NO), and the next song played.

No more stuck on the loop of hell

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