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DLP color wheel speeds

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I'm a bit confused about the actual speed of color wheels and the advantages of one type of wheel over another. I hope this explanation makes sense.

It's generally accepted that, for RBE, the 4x wheel in the 4805 is better than the 3x wheel in the 6200. But logic says that the amount of time any individual color is on the screen for is the same on both PJs.

The 4805 RGBRGB wheel spins twice per refresh, that equals 12 "color flashes" per (p.scan) frame. The 6200 RGBW spins at 3x per refresh, which also equals 12 "flashes" per frame. With the white segment off on the 6200, (i.e. video mode), the amount of time each color is displayed should be the same as the 4805, except three of the twelve "flashes" will be the unused white segment.

My own comparisons between the 4805 and the 6200 show that RBE is less on the 4805. But I'm not sure why it's so. How will the new Benq 5 segment 2x wheel (10 "flashes") compare?
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The 4805's 6 segment wheel spins at 4X. Wouldn't that be 24 flashes per frame? Twice the rate of the 6200.
This has been posted before ... look a little more than 1/2 way down the screen in the section called "DLP Speed".


This should help understand a little bit about the differences in DLP color wheels.
The 4805 =


The PB6200 =


The 4805 has three extra "flashes" of COLOR.

The X1 =



X1 = 6

PB6200 = 9

4805 = 12

Hope that helps.

All of these numbers are based on the assumption that the white segment is turned off.
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