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I had an old Toshiba 720p DLP TV, which I liked a lot. Recently I built a PC to house my movies and such, but it wasn't a good fit. While watching movies and playing games the TV looked fine, but when I hooked up my PC, it had issues. The screen was kind of grainy. It's kind of hard to explain. My TV also had bowing issues. I ended up selling the TV and am looking for a new one. I was wondering if one of the Mitsu DLP is a good fit for what I want? Will it have a grainy screen or bowing issues like my Toshiba? Would I be better off going with a LCD. I like a big TV, but don't want to have these problems again. It's not really a money issue. I could spend the money for a 60" LCD, but I don't use it a ton and if a DLP would fit, I'll go that way. Thanks for any help.
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