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Well...I see I have certainly come to the right place. I have been reading posts here for the last 2 days and decided I need help...lots of help. :) Any advice/opinions/knowledge you guys can provide will be MUCH appreciated.

In a nutshell, I have been shopping for a 16x9 HDTV for the last 3 months. My primary reason for the purchase is to watch anamorphic DVD's. Sure I knew about DLP Projectors, I saw a great Runco for $15k at Evolution Video here in Los Angeles (Agoura)....but $15k is about $10k too much for me.

Then I heard about the LT150. I plan on a demo next week. I have read lots of what you all have to say and it's really helped...thanks. I am unclear on a few issues though...

1) I plan on placing this in a 10x20 room that will be pretty much dedicated to HT. What is a reasonable expectation for screen size? I was thinking 52x96? How far away should I be sitting to get the best out of a picture this size? I would guess at least 14 feet.

2) Will I need a scaler like the DVDO i-scan? It seems like their may be some compatiblity issues in using this projector with a scaler? Will a Progressive scan DVD Player provide similar results? I am sort of confused about this whole issue. This projector seems capable of producing more lines of resolution than DVD quality material, so wouldn't a Progressive Scan player be good enough? What do you guys recommend?

3) What issues does the LT 150 have with anamorphic source material? How do they look compared to non-anamorphic?

4) Aspect ratios...say I want to go from 1.85:1 to 2.35:1....will i have to make alot of manual adjustments? The black bars won't bother me at all...especially on this big a screen. Basically, I will rarely...if ever...use 4:3. I think Wizard of OZ is the only 4:3 DVD I have...I guess this would have black bars on the sides?

5) Is there any books like "HT Video for Dummies" out there?

Thanks again for all the help guys! I just have so much information spinning in my head I just need to be grounded and make sure this is the right way for me to go. I guess you could say..."It vexes me....I'm terribly vexed."

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