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Thanx for reading my post and I really hope someone can tell me

what the problem is with my TV's picture quality being displayed

blurry and noisy.

I bought a used 46inch HLP4663W DLP TV about two weeks, and was

really disappointed with the picture quality. Basically, the problem

with the TV is that even on HD channels with a HD Receiver(Optimum

IOTV), the picture quality is very blur, unsharp, and noisy pixels here and there.

I connected my TV with a HD-Component and maybe that's why the

picture quality is so bad, but if the problem lies elsewhere I would love

to know where it's coming from.

Is there a problem with the color wheel, lamp, or the DMD board?

Or is it because the model never was meant to display good quality

picture to begin with?

The TV used to cost about $2500 in like 2005, but I doubt anyone smart

would pay that money for a terrible picture quality like that.

Any TV experts out there?

Thank you and have a nice day.

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I had excellent HD picture qualikty using either DVI, HDMI, or component with my HL-P4663 TV purchased in the summer of 2004.

Since the TV is a 720p model I used 720p resolution over either DVI or component from my cable PVR tuner. Another advantage of sending 720p is that can use Expand mode in the picture/size settings and get true 1:1 pixel mapping.

What is your viewing distance and what resolouton are you sending to the TV?

I replaced my 4663 with a 55" 1080p model last fall when the second bulb was nearing the end of it's life span and we now sit 11-12' from our TV.
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