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Okay, the Sharp 9000 is on order. Now the worrying starts. ;)

I've been told by many sources that the TI folks did some insane accelerated aging tests on the DLP DMD devices and they run for a very very long time without a single mirror failure.

Fine. I've also seen a Panasonic DLP-based RPTV with a failed mirror. Now, the folks in the store said the set had been dropped (literally) and that caused the failure, so again it's not super-worrisome.

However, I still worry, so I pose these three questions:

1) Has anybody experienced a mirror failure on a DLP?

2) If so, was it covered by warranty?

3) If not, what was the cost to repair?

A sort of ancillary question concerns color wheel failures. Any single-chip DLP owners had a failure of the wheel?

Finally: dust. I notice that a couple of the more expensive upcoming DLP projectors use a sealed light engine to prevent dust contamination. I would assume that non-sealed projectors coule probably be cleaned professionally every couple of years or so. Anybody have experience with this?

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