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DLP Projector or DLP/LCD Rear Proj

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My wife and I are rearranging our family room and I started looking at 50" RPDLP and RPLCD screens in order to keep the cost to
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There's been quite a few threads listing the pros and cons of projectors vs. tvs.

I looked for those last night before posting my question. I'm quite familiar with board etiquette but did not find any that specifically referenced LCD/DLP RPTV vs a LP335.

It was late and I may have missed them so I'll check again when my head is clearer.
There probably aren't any that specific. You'll either have to rely on generalisations, or ask the question in the appropriate TV forum.
I thought this is the appropriate forum. What others do you feel may be more of a match?

Lat night I did a search on:

Infocus lp335 - no results

lp335 - only four posts came up

That's when I decided to ask my question.
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Here is some info on your LP335


Not much, I admit, but one review on projector central from a user.

Here are projectorcentrals editorical reviews:

Considering these are 4 years old, I would say the technology has probably advanced pretty significantly, and the budget models of today probably far surpass the Infocus, especially with lamp lives closer to 3000 hours vs the 1000 of the Infocus.

So straight up with a light controlled room and a $3k budget, I bet you could get a nice projector set up.

For $400 (bulb) to $1k (for bulb, screen plus Iscan to improve video quality for infocus 355) I would guess you are better off dropping a few more bucks for a good budget projector like the X1 or Optoma H30 IF you want to get a FP instead of the Sony TV.
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