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DLP Rainbows Redux

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This poll is only for those of us who own or have owned DLPs I want to use it to get a line on how many folks, like Auditor55, actually bought a DLP but later returned it because they could not live with rainbows.
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the rainbows don't bother me...i see them for a fleeting moment when i move my eyes quickly across the screen, primarily in dark scenes...they are so fleeting it doesn't really annoy me...my wife can't see them at all
I don't think I've seen one before. Just got my set yesterday. At one point in Survivior, a couple real distant palm tree limbs turned rainbow color. It was against a bright sky. They weren't green. I focused on them for a second and they were rainbow colored. Very small area. I haven't seen it since.

I think it was my source. Just wondering if it could have been rainbows. I'd like to see one but I don't think I have yet.
I have never seen a rainbow on my 1 1/2 year old DLP.

The poll questions are messed up. There's no option for having kept the DLP due to not seeing rainbows (or not being bothered by them).
Missing option 3.

I bought a DLP, see rainbows, am not too thrilled about it, but kept it anyways.
I purchased a Toshiba with the hd2+ chip in it thinking I was getting a killer set. Boy I was wrong the rainbow drove me AND my wife nuts. I thought it could just be us but when I had a Friend come over, he saw it to. I immediately brought the set back and got sony 60"xbr I'v never been more happy. The rainbow effect is much to big of a flaw for a tv to have even if half of us don"t see it. The point is we shouldn't see it at all.
Not again? Somewhere Over the Rainbow.....

I have a 62"Mits 825, don't have rainbows, and love my TV. So, I think I will keep it.
BillP and lostcause -- I intentionally limited my poll to only two questions. I am not interested in learning why people kept their DLP sets. I only want to make a comparison between those who have owned DLPs but returned them because they couldn't stand the rainbows and those who bought them and kept them. Others have done polls that asked for the opinions of both non DLP owners who were bothered by rainbows and DLP owners who may have been bothered by rainbows but didn't return the set.

It seems to me that limiting the poll to DLP owners only and having the vote be between those who returned the set due to rainbows and those who did not was appropriate. This limited choice is designed to give our members who are considering buying DLP sets a better picture of how likely they are to hate their decision than any of the other polls on the subject I have seen. For example, my poll envisions that lostcause would vote that he didn't return the set because of rainbows -- because he didn't.

Anyway, thanks for giving me the opportunity to further explain the reasons I posted the poll.
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My mistake. The wording of the 2nd option sounded to me like you kept it despite disassisfaction with rainbows, which did not make sense to me. On reading it again, I get it now (no need to return it since not bothered by rainbows).
In that case, not to pick nits, but I think the second question should be rephrased then. Instead of "I bought a DLP set but DIDN'T return it because of my dissatisfaction with raainbows" it should be "I bought a DLP set but DIDN'T return it despite my dissatisfaction with raainbows"

No one keeps something because of their dissatisfaction with it, although they may keep it despite their dissatisfaction.

And that concludes my grammer lesson for the day for the loosers who for all intensive purposes should of stayed home. :)
hrmmm...or after reading it again in another context, maybe it could have been "I bought a DLP set but DIDN'T return it because there was no problem raainbows" or something like that....ok, maybe I should just have a drink and go watch some rainbows on my tv...
Lost, you are definitely that LOST! LOL...have a drink, relax, get out your English book and re write that! LOL!
ehhh...well...I have no idea WTF I said in that last post, but the one before that I meant (I think).
I just bought my tv and do see rainbows, especially during Xbox play(mostly tom clancy games i.e. ghost recon 2, rainbow six). They're so bad they hurt my eyes and give me a headache. The huge thing making me think about keeping it is the picture is so beautiful, now I'm apprehensive about returning it.
my samsung hlp6163 is going back monday, to be replaced by a sony 60xs955. the dlp picture looks great on dvd's (no hdtv yet) and sdtv over directv is acceptable, but the rainbows get worse every time i watch it. first couple days i barely saw any. then started seeing them a lot in dvd's like LOTR and star wars. then last night i tried watching ray (not a very dark or contrasty movie) and i was seeing so many rainbows i couldn't take it and stopped watching after 15 mins or so. now i've started seeing them even in sdtv broadcasts, though very infrequently. it's like a pandora's box, at least for me. once i saw the first one, i started seeing them everywhere. i don't get headaches or nausea but they're distracting enough that i can't enjoy anything i'm watching when they start appearing. it can make you neurotic... "was that a rainbow? hmmm.. no maybe not. oh wait! there's one!" i've got enough neuroses on my own without paying $3K+ for a new one.

i'm envious of those who don't see the rainbows, because i do think the dlp picture is more natural and filmlike. if it weren't for the rainbows i'd stick with dlp. but the sony lcd had the best non-dlp picture i could see, so i'm sure i'll be more than happy with it. i can barely see SDE if i look for it, but unlike rainbows it doesn't pop out at me on a constant basis.
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I sometimes see rainbows on my Toshiba DLP, but I don't find them at all distracting. After months of comparison (DLP, plasma, LCD, RPLCD), I decided that the overall picture quality with DVD and HDTV was so incredibly good I simply couldn't wait to get one to replace my main display (a CRT RPTV). In fact, if Toshiba made a 40" model without the ridiculous side-mounted speakers, I'd replace the CRT RPTV in my bedroom in a heartbeat. The ultrasharp picture, outstanding (for a non-CRT display) black levels, and (most of all!) the freedom from convergence and geometry issues means I'll never again consider CRT RPTV sets an acceptable option.
bought Tosh 62HM84, and see rainbow when bright object over dark background. but it doesn't bother me since most of time eyes are grabbed by stunning PQ!!! much better black than Sony 655.:)
What's to stop the DLP haters from posting and skewing the results?
panasonic 50" DLP - neither me or my GF see rainbows on the set. bet PQ for the money in my opinion and very happy with the set.
I have an optoma SV65XF DLP RPTV and I can't see the rainbows but my Fiance' does. In fact, she is the only one out of about 12 people who have spent a little time watching the display. The further she sits away, the better, and I tweaked the brightness and contrast some and that has helped. The picture quality is so stunning that it would be hard to part with this tv. We have now had it for 8 days. Still exploring other avenues to slowing down her RBE effect. This set is the best I have ever seen, I, Robot DTHEATER looks so real its scary. As does HD broadcasts, and standard dvds using an Onkyo SP1000 set at 720P!
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