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Dmd XGA: PLUS U2 1110 or ASK M5 ?

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I'm writting from France so please, will you excuse my bad english but anyway...

Well, I'm searching for a xga dmd and I would like to have your opinions about 2 models:

- ASK M5 ( DX3?)

- PLUS U2 1110

it will be for a HTPC use by the RGB (or DVI?) SUB-D 15 with a dvd-rom and Radeon card.

I've already seen the ASK for 30-40 min with s-video input and the picture was sharped, well-constrasted, nice, but it seems to me that the colors were a little "cold" (slightly green) and there were some "crawlies" (is it the right word?) on some clear sections...

I don't know the U2 1110 at all.

Can somebody give me some advice for my future buy , with some argues for the contrast, the colors, the sharpness in VGA mode?

thank's a lot

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I used to own a DX3 and have experience with the Plus series as well. I suspect the Plus will have better contrast and better blacks. It doesn't have aspect ratio control via the VGA input though.


Steve's Stuff

My Mitsubishi X30 (Plus U3-1080 clone) has an aspect ratio

control true VGA. I use it with Skyworth and I'm very

happy camper. http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/cool.gif
Although I cant comment on the projectors abilities I would say that the Aspect Ratio control becomes moot when using a HTPC anyway...

This can be achieved all at the PC side via YxY or custom T&R..


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Hello compatriot,

I'm very happy with a Plus U2-1080/Quadscan couple.

This is the same model that the 1130 with less lumens.

More info (en français s'il vous plaît!) on


Serge Lacroix - Cherbourg - France

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