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I am getting the Panasonic 3D blu-ray player as part of a package with the TV(the DMP-100), but I'm needing HD audio support. I bought a RX-V663 about a year ago, which has multichannel inputs, but doesn't support 3D passthrough. If I stick with the DMP-100, I won't have HD audio from blu-ray movies when watching 3D. I'm thinking about buying the BDC-6900, which gives me the multi-channel outputs I need. I'm just wondering if I'm losing anything by switching the blu-ray players out.

I'll be using Netflix and watch Blu-ray movies. That's about it, so DVD upconvert performance doesn't matter to me.

I've heard that Panasonic's support checkerboard 3D, but I won't need that with a VT20 when watching 3D blu-ray movies. Am I losing any picture quality improvements or any other important features by swapping blu-ray players?

Also upgrading the receiver is out of the question.

I've went through a few threads to find out my answer, but I'm trying to find any direct answers. Thanks.

Also, the reason for the 6900 choice (or even the 6800) is because, it is the cheapest option with 3D capability with multichannel outputs.
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