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Originally Posted by Cratchit536 /forum/post/15525324

I am trying to see if there is a substitute for the TV Guide feature. Verizon does not support the TV Guide feature nor VCR +. Any possibilities?

First, there is no substitute for the analog TVGOS signal that the E85 requires -- FIOS does not transmit it.

Second, I don't know what region you live in, but Verizon is marching across it's network and eliminating all analog broadcasting one region at a time. Delaware was shut off last May. When it happens in your region, this will make your E85 a doorstop unless you rent another STB for it -- and I don't know if the E85 has the proper code to control the FIOS box via the ir blaster.

Anyway, if you add the cost of renting 2 STB's -- one for the TV and one for the E85 -- you are at the cost of renting their dual-tuner DVR which would be the superior option.
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