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Hello everyone, I am new to your forum. I have done some hunting and searching for resolution to a dvd-burner issue with my Panasonic DMR-EH75VS.

I have had this unit for about 1.5 years. It appears the dvd-burner is failing/failed.

When I insert a disk you hear the drive one hum/buz... then when the disk is beginning it's read cycle... it hum/buz four times then one odd hum/buz. The front panel displays NoREAD. The TV displays 'error reading disk.. blah blah blah'.

I tried doing the firmware upgrade and it will not read the CD-R either.

I tried unplugging for a minute.

I tried unplugging overnight.

I tried the chup+chdown to reboot.

Nothing has fixed the NoREAD.

Any solutions. I have searched for a while and did not come up with anything. ALSO, when I called, they of course, wanted me to just send it in right away. He told me that this $130 flat rate deal was only for inspection. The cost to fix would be 130+materials. Therefore, if it were a failed drive it would cost $130+~$300(for the drive).

Leading me to the proprietary dvd-burner. Is that correct. We can't just replace it with a Samsung burner or Sony burner from the computer?

Thanks in advance for any help! I need this to work or my wife will keep recording junk on my HDD and fill the 80G up quickly.
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