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Hi Folks...

We have been rolling through panasonic DVD Recorder-VHS combos and I'm wondering If we should switch brands.

Here is the deal....I tried out a DMR e?45 a few weeks ago. It worked OK but I found it pretty sluggish compared to a dedicated DVD player. I found it manageable but irritating. Anyway.....right at 30 days the unit started locking up when I put in a disk.

Anyway we sent it back and they had no more in stock. I figured I would upgrade to the EH75VS unit....to get the tvguide and hard disk.

Man.....It is hard to believe the they all suck as badly as this one does....so I am assuming that this unit is defective but let me run through a few questions.

1) Slow Slow Slow.....horrifying response time when it works at all and there is no indication the it is doing anything....like 8 seconds to respond to an Open tray request or a close tray request! If I push the Guide button it can take :30 for it to come up! It hangs up when paging through the Guide, Searches take forever!

2) DVD's are hanging up when I put them in....the last one was playing but then all the controls decided to stop working...It was playing but would not STOP. I had to unplug it to get control back.

3) the tv guide is slow! Miserable Slow.

4) The device remembers what cable chanel it was on when it was turned off and it nicely puts the cable box back on that channel when it gets powered back up.......Now how can this be a good thing?

So here are the questions...

1) Should I expect the unit to be sluggish? it is horrenous. How long should it take to power up, open the tray, recognize a DVD when it is inserted. As far as browsing a guide is concerned lets use Comcast's Motorola STBs as axamples. I have a dual tuner DVR and A regular HD box....they are both dreams compared to the TVGuide nightmare on the PANA.

2) The unit allows me to select both Cable and Cable Box when I set up the TV Guide. I am not sure what the utility of this is since I really want to program some channels directly from cable (Most of them actually) and only those from the cable box that i have to. There appears to be no way to do this! I am not sure why it would accept multiple guides if you can not program from them indvidually.
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