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I'm curious about the remote-control capabilities of devices that implement DMR. (DLNA Digital Media Renderer). That is, say you have a TV (like my Samsung PN50C8000) that is a DMR. Is it likely/possible that DMR can be used to perform most/all of the usual remote-control functions?

I've been having a hard time getting any information. I can't find a "DLNA specification", which I assume would require DLNA membership anyway, and it seems that it's really built on top of a number of other standards (such as uPNP), and the organization tends to do a lot of hand-waving...

Any pointers to info would be helpful. I am a techie (software engineer) so I should be able to interpret the info if I can just find it!

I've been playing with an iPad app and a Firefox extension that allow me to "throw" media at my TV. That is, I can pick media off of my iPhone or from a DLNA server, and have it play on the TV. That's nice, but...

I noticed that the Firefox extension - TwonkyBeam - is able to mute and control the volume on the TV. That is, it's able to control the volume whether the TV is playing media that I threw at it from TwonkyBeam or not. THAT is remote control! The on-screen display that is shown when you use the IR remote is displayed as well.

Now, TwonkyBeam isn't meant to be a remote control application. I guess they just figured it made sense to be able to control the volume of whatever you are playing...

Anyone here have any experience or knowledge on this? I'm guessing/hoping that there is some sort of enumeration function in the protocol that would allow an application to discover the properties of the DMR device that are able to be controlled. If so, this could be the future of IP remote control.
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