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Do anyone use the "Trigger" function with their projector and electric screen?

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I am trying to decide if I should even run a wire for the Trigger. Not sure if I would ever use it. I also question the consistency in timing of the screen and projector using the trigger. I will be using a Harmony 890 remote in my Home Theater. I really just wanted to see if anyone was using the trigger in their setup and how effective is it.
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I do in all of our electric screen installs. Timing is an issue as the projector will have an image "manufacturer graphic such as Optoma, SONY..." on the wall before the screen drops completely. You can build a basic relay to use the 12V trigger for around $25

As cheap as 2 conductor wire is, your regrets will be minimal if you do not use it compared to if you wish you would have installed it.

Ideally you could program the Harmony to send "power screen" as the first command in your macro, and the projector power on as last. I have not gotten into much past the basic programming of the 880's so not certain how difficult that would be. Given that your screen has the IR control module option.
I use the trigger to turn on my power conditioner, which turns all my other equipment on. That way I can use a cheap learning remote for the time being.

As stated earlier, for the price just run the wire.
I use my remote to drop the screen.
If you're at the point where running wire is easy, don't even think about it, just do it. I'd run one or two Cat5e or Cat6 cables to the screen location for future expansion - it's cheap, thin and can be used for a huge variety of present and future needs such as 12v triggers, additional 12v requirements (Wii sensor bar, anyone?), IR emitters or detectors if you find your equipment isn't picking up remote signals, even component or HDMI over twisted pair, if you ever want to mount a panel up front too.

At most, running a couple of Cat5e cables will probably end up costing you about a dollar. Cheap insurance.

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I do in all of our electric screen installs. You can build a basic relay to use the 12V trigger for around $25

I'm in the same position.

Is there a site that gives relay build instructions? I've got multiple 12v trigger outputs on my Integra and the manual is a bit vague.
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