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Do directional indicators matters? Whats the deal with them?

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I bought a some knukoncepts silver plated, solid core, LDPE dielectric component video cables.

Supposidly they have directional indicators on them. I didnt pay any attention when installing them. Why are they there? Should I get behind my tv and recheck them?

Also my Phoenix Gold ARx.610 Balanced Stereo cables have directional indicators.

Whats the deal with these indicators? Are directional indicators just gimmicks?
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They may be gimmicks or they might indicate some asymmetry in the construction (such as a lifted shield connection at one end) or they might be handy to indicate which way the connection is going when you peer into the maze behind the rack. ;-) Why not use them?

I agree. They may not "do" anything, but they don't hurt anything either. I've found that they're useful for marking logical signal flow.

Just don't pay extra to get them. ;)
Its just hard to get behind my tv. So, it would be a hassle to change them. But I will look at them
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