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Do I have gremlins in my EAD theater master signature

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I recently purchased an EAD Theater master signature. It was purchased used though through an authorized dealer about 220 miles from home. Upon initial set up I noticed the sound in Dolby digital seemed low as it required the highest volume setting to distinguish low level dialouge ( 0 on a zero to 50 scale) I contacted EAD nice guys but suggested that my vac 80 watt tube amp lacked the amplifacation power. I subsequetly purchased a pass labs 150 watt but it actually seemed lower. After many sleepless nights I decided to try disabiling the subwoofer diversion to the sides this was the problem and purchasing a seperate sub. Now it sounds amazing though the level is still relatively high 4 or 5 for most movies 0 being the highest. I am in the process of purchasing better speakers(upgrading my martin logan Aieries) and I might purchase used speakers but with only a few more decibles of amplification available I am concerned that I will be unable to here the dialouge again. Has anyone had similar problems with this processor? Any input would be greatly appreciated.


John Tuohy
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What is the usual listeneing level for Dolby digital with you EAD signature. Also you might want to wait for the Princeton graphics DVD it will scale to 900 lines depending on your display. I heard the EAD amp and was very impressed .



John Tuohy
i have an encore and a b&k 6x60W amp. i use -15db for movies (sub separately controlled) and -25db for music. if i want to really shake things up, i go to about -10db, -18db resp. i do believe my surrounds are turned up a bit, so i can only go to -4 or -5db before i lose the balance.

btw, speakers are 90-91db efficient, and current output of my amp is 14A. room is 12Wx15L


Migliore Theater

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Thanks for your replys it sounds like things are OK

I use a phantom center which could account for some of the difference. My room is huge and I like it pretty loud.


John Tuohy
Dear John

I listen to my music at about -35db and movies at about -25db.

I have following equipment:

EAD Ovation preamplifier

Carver 806x amplifier

EAD TheaterVision LD/CD Transport

Toshiba 9000 DVD-Player

AVM 1000 powerconditioner

B&W Nautilus 803 main

B&W Nautilus HTM1 center

B&W DS6 THX Dipol rear

size of my room : 25 x 15

future changes:

Carver 806x with EAD PowerMaster 2000

B&W ASW 4000 subwoofer

B&W DS6 rear with B&W Nautilus 804 or B&W Nautilus SCM1 (same as Nautilus 805 for wallmount)


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