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Do I have to replace my old Denom with a new receiver if I buy new speakers... HElp

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OK guys currently I have a infinity sattelite package of my mains center and surrounds and sub. I have had this for 4 years but the sound on these speakers are to thin for my taste. I want to upgrade my system with a much better one. I have a couple of questions. I currently have a 3 1/2 year old denon 1800 receiver that does 70 watts per channel I beleive. My question is if I get B&W book shelp speakers or other good book shelf speakers to replace my infinity sattelite will my system sound a whole lot better than my od one regardless if i change my receiver or will my old receiver not have the sufficient power to drive my new speakers.

My question is if I buy new speakers do i have to by a new receiver preferablly a yamaha to make my system sound good or if buy a whole new set of good speakers will they sound good with my current receiver. The guys at tweeter told me that if i buy new speakers that i would have to buy a new receiver in order to fully benefit from my new speakers he said that with the old receiver that i woudl not notice the clarity out of the new speakers that im supposed to experience. WHat do you guys recommend. Basically what im asking is what shoudl i replace first since i am going to be buying all these things a little at a time.
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some more info on your current receiver:

so does this mean i have to change it eddie
Eddy, do you have any friends who will let you borrow their receiver for a day? Just to quickly hook up and see if you like it or not?

I really suggest borrowing someone's h/k receiver. But you really need to spend money on where you want to spend it. If you're in the mood for speakers, then buy speakers. :D

I'm just a spendthrift who wants to spend as little as possible to get the best sound. And that means tweaking. Changing from the Denon to an h/k or other warm receiver is a tweak. Buying new speakers is more like an upgrade, since that's where you're going to spend lots of money.

I guess I'm just partial to Infinity (somewhat). I like them, always have. They are definately bright speakers though (what I've heard and owned) and need to be tamed, if possible.

The thing is that you've mated a notoriously bright speaker with a somewhat notoriously bright receiver. Two brights = :eek: .
how bout b&w are they bright speakers or audio monitors
B&W are not as bright as Infinity (in general), IMO.
i would consider room size to choose speakers, then select a receiver to match those speakers.

if you find those satellite speakers sound thin you may consider getting good bookshelf size speakers and if your room is large then use 2 floor standing ones and a good center speaker

only if you have decided on the speakers then you choose receivers as the power requirements may be so different

dont forget to invest some money in speaker cables.
i have monster cables for speaker wires there 3 years old but i feel they shoudl be good enough right
Originally posted by Eddy13
The guys at tweeter told me that if i buy new speakers that i would have to buy a new receiver in order to fully benefit from my new speakers he said that with the old receiver that i woudl not notice the clarity out of the new speakers that im supposed to experience.
Sounds like the guys at Tweeter were trying to make a bigger commission on you. :D Not saying that you won't hear an improvement by upgrading your receiver, but usually changing speakers makes a much greater difference. How efficient are those B&W's your looking at? (Should be rated at X db.)
Consider this $300 receiver if you want to change - Panasonic sa-xr45 (on the web)

It sounds smooth like an upscale piece, with a clean and powerful bass, although not the most full sounding. It has this new digital technology in the amp section. Some are replacing expensive units with this.
Ok today I went to my local sound components store and they are a very upscale place that only cary the best receivers , speakers and wofers around. The guy told me that they only cary marants and rotel receivers since they consider those to be better than any other brand. He told me to go with a marants that does 80 watts per channel he said that that woudl be a upgrade over my denon and to go with paradigm speakers and wofers. that i woudl liek that better than the b&w.
These salesmen are all giving you sales hype. They just want your money - you are better off following suggestions you get here than listening to them.

My advice is to buy the B&W speakers and try them with your current receiver. B&W speakers are easy to drive and you would have to double the wattage per channel to perceive much difference. If you don't like what you hear with the new speakers on your old receiver then look at some of the newer stuff. Odds are you won't find much difference in performance with a new receiver except you will get some of the latest surround formats (DPLIIx) and some additional switching options (component inputs). Only you can decide if these additional features are worth the cost.

Let your ears tell you what to buy - not a salesman!


Marantz and Denon are owned by the same company. The two products are different but at the same time they are very similar. The quality of the two are very comparable. Don't believe the sales hype.

You do not "have" to replace your Denon 1800. If you like the B&W's, buy them, bring them home and listen to them with your current receiver. Processing wise, your receiver may be a little out of date. That is by no means a reason that you "have" to replace it. I probably would eventually though to get the lastest processing and probably some more power. You can never have to much headroom.
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