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Do I make the change??

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I'll try to make this as brief and concise as possible.

1. I live in a neighoborhood which is served by ComCast Cable

2. ComCast Cable only offered basic cable (no digital) and only 13 channels

3. I decided I wanted satellite so I went with DirecTV

4. Later I elected to go to HDTV

5. I bought a really nice Toshiba that fit my needs

6. DirecTV wanted $400+ to upgrade my service equipment to HDTV

7. I elected to go with DishNetwork becasue they would provide me with HDTV reciever equipment and install at no-charge up front and their monthly pkg was less than DirecTV.

8. Obviously Satellite did not offer Locals (ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS) in HDTV

9. NOW.... ComCast has upgraded the neighborhood to Digital and is offereing HDTV with Locals (ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS and others).

My questions and conserns are as follows:

1. When the cable crew was upgrading, I did not see them actually laying "NEW FIBER CABLE". It appeared rather that they only put in some kind of "splice" every 200 feet or so???

2. I do not want to cancel DishNetwork and pick up ComCast only to find out the signal (picture) is not as good as DishNetwork.

3. None of the customer service people with ComCast can tell me how they are providing a Digital Signal.

4. What should I be asking about "signal strength, Impeedence, or whatever" to know that the picture quality is going to be good before I make the switch??

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Comcast usually has a sweet deal for new customers. See what it is, and if the picture isn't acceptable, cancel it.

Don't cancel Dish until you decide.

Yes, it will mean paying Comcast and Dish for service at the same time, but how else are you going to decide?
The one thing you should definitely do is be more specific with your topic titles .
Post in the appropriate local HDTV thread.
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