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I have a Samsung HL-P4663W which I bought in 2005.

For about 6 months now, the TV has been shutting itself off automatically. I can turn it back on, no problem, but sometimes it will continue to shut it self off. It's very random. Recently, it's been happening more frequently.

I went to the Samsumg support website and it mentions symptoms of a failing lamp (Reference Link)

However, my TV doesn't give me any "blinking lights" or "icons" indicating a failing lamp.

This leads me to believe it might not be the lamp. It might be the digital board.

Any thoughts on how I can go about fixing my Samsumg TV?

Many Thanks and take care,


PS: Another symptom the TV is exhibiting is the picture will go blank, but the TV is still on. This happens rarely, but it happens, nonetheless.
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