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Do I need a powerstrip for 52 Inch LCD?

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I just installed my new Samsung 52b750 and connected to my DTV receiver. This forum has helped a lot, and I am beginning to understand more about my TV.

Currently, the TV is plugged into an outlet that was installed just for this TV. I am not sure if it is special or not, meaning if it was installed with special wiring specifically for this TV. The guy before me was kind of handy, so its possible.

1) Any way to check my outlet if it is suitable for my TV?

2) If not, I am guessing i need a power strip? Any reccomendations for one? Does everything have to be plugged into that strip or just my TV. I read something about protecting my TV from Power Surges....Just curious. Thank you,
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I would reccomend it, years ago there was a power surge in my area and my power strip took the hit and burned but my TV and other components were saved a few of my neighbors did not have one and guess what happened to there stuff!!
powerstrip is a term for any multioutlet device.

you would like a powerstrip with surgeprotection or surgesuppressor.
Ideally a quality surge protector would be good idea. You can purchase a plug in unit that would go between the TV and outlet or if it's wall mounted and your tight on space, they do make surge protectors that can be installed in the breaker panel to protect the circuit feeding your TV outlet.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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