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Do I need a video processor?

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Having read the FAQ I know the short answer is that I "may benefit from a video processor."

My question is more specific than that. I recently purchased the Toshiba 52HMX84. The HD picture is amazing. It's scaling of my DVD (Pioneer DV45A) player seemed miserable in both interlaced and progressive mode. I went out and purchased teh Samsung 841 and saw imeadiate improvement with its internal scalling usind the Faroudja chip.

Now the question. My DTV HD-Tivo scales; but seems to do it worse than the TV. The picture is better when watching the standard def channels with the receiver in 480i. Still, I know the inexpensive Samsung DVD player scales better than the TV.

Whould a video processer improve my DTV picture as much as the Samsung improved my DVD picture?

Is it worth the money or should I return the TV for something with better internal processing?

If I went with an external processor, what do folks recommend? It looks like I could go anywhere between the DVDO iScan HD and the Faroudja DVP 1010 (nothing more).
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yes, a scaler should help in this instance!

There are plenty of scalers out there that can do the job. I suggest reading up on the Lumagen HDP series, iScan HD/HD+, Faroudja units, Crystalio, HD LEEZA, CS-1/2/HD - should all work for you.

You need to decide if you want HD Processing or not and what your budget will be.
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