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Along with the attachments, here is a TVFool link to show the stations around me:

TVFool link

I currently have a Radioshack 15-1892

and I can't seem to get both WGAL-DT (8.1, NBC, Lancaster, 139°, 24.2 miles) and WPMT-DT (43.1, FOX, YORK, 139°, 25.3 miles) at the same time. I can get decent signal strength from every other network, but these two (at the same time) for some reason are a problem.

I don't think that the fact that this particular antenna is amplified makes a difference. I have it sitting in my attic, plugged in, and a wire runs outside and down to my family room (less than 50' total, I think).

I tried a Terk unamplified antenna, but it didn't get quite as good of a signal, so I put the Radio Shack one back.

1) Do you think a different INTERNAL antenna would be able to get all the networks without having to move it?

2) I don't want to go external unless you all *really* think that is the best option.

3) If I do need to go external, can you make some recommendations?

I am studying some threads here and here.

but am hoping that someone can help me out because I'm not getting very far very fast.


P.S. I asked in the Harrisburg, PA HDTV thread, and pamajestic told me I'd need to get an external. They asked some other questions, I answered, and I'm waiting for a reply. Just trying to get some more input.

Edit: I forgot to mention that we have a two story house and an accesible attic.

Edit #2: Would either of these be the cheapest yet effective solution? I don't care about getting channels from other cities for sports, etc.

Antennas Direct DB4 Multi Directional HDTV Antenna

Winegard HD-1080 HDTV High Band VHF Antenna


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PAMajestic was very helpful in the Harrisburg, PA HDTV thread.

Does anyone have anything to add? Other antenna ideas?

I would like to buy the antenna at Amazon if possible in order to use some gift certs that I have.

Here is what he said:

You are to far away for an indoor antenna to work. How many TV’s is the current antenna feeding and are they HD or on a converter box.
Unfortunately, I think a small outdoor combo yagi will be required for WGAL and WPMT.

Winegard HD 7694P High Definition VHF/UHF HDHD769 Series Antenna (HD7694P)

AntennaCraft HBU22 22 Element High-Band VHF UHF Outdoor HDTV Antenna (HBU22)

The reason I asked about your set up is I was thinking if you were currently using a converter you could add a second box connected to an available A/V input for a second antenna pointed at Lancaster and continue using your current antenna for the Harrisburg stations. This wound keep the cost down by not needing a rotator. Rotator are currently in short supply. You could still skip the rotator and use a AB switch between the antennas...

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You need to get a real outdoor antenna. It should be either in your attic or preferably outdoors on your roof. This is the antenna I use. It is pretty good and it is very reasonable. It is kind of big so if it is put in your attic it needs some room. (But it comes collapsed in a box so getting it to the attic is easier.)

Rick R
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