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I am having trouble with my scaler and wonder if I just need to upgrade. I watch alot of DSS and DVD's.


Panny 50' plasma hooked to the scaler via RGBHV

Crystal Image scaler 2.0V just back from the latest hardware upgrade.


Meridian 561 processor

Meridian 586 DVD/CD

Pioneer DV-F07 DVD 301, I think?

Sony HD-100 DSS

Sony TiVO with a Sony A4 slave hooked to it.

The picture isn't as crisp as you would think for all that money. I see artifacts on DVD and DSS. I can't get the sync right at the top in 1024x768(which seems to be the sweet spot for the configuration.)

Do I just need a new scaler, or am I just not tweaking this one right. I read a lot about the ROCK+, Vigatech 1280, and Faroudia NR. Maybe my other toys have out grown the Crystal Image?
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