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Do I need to worry about magnetics with DLP televisions?

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Call it stupidity, call it pure ignornace..

I have looked around on the interweb and anytime I google or search for the answer to my thread it just bring CRT televisions being affected by magnets.

What I am asking is: Are DLP televisions affected by magnets? In other words can I put my home theater center speaker right on top of my new DLP(when it gets here)?

My logic would say that it would be fine since its not using the electron gun like a CRT tv.

I would like some reassurance or something that backs up my hypothesis so to speak.
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Originally Posted by Meltdown611186 /forum/post/0

What I am asking is: Are DLP televisions affected by magnets?

If you look in your owner's manual or Sammy FAQ at their site, they say to avoid putting or using strong magnetic items like subwoofers and vacuums near their DLP tvs. A lot of people here claim it's not a problem. I have my sub about 5' away from the tv.
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