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Do I turn on (AGC) Auto Gamma Correction on my Panny th42pwd7uy Ed set...

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Hey guys.... Is it better to turn on AGC on or leave it off.. Sometimes I notice that turnign on AGC gives the illusion of a more contrasty more depth pic.... Is it best to leave on Auto Gamma Correction or off....
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As the Manual states: "It Increases the brightness of dark signal automatically".

This is useful for some scenes in movies/TV programming that are too dark. So the overall brightness will be increased ("AGC" will have little or not affect when scenes have plenty brightness).

If you don't see any problems with the picture, leave it on. :)

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AGC used to stand for Automatic Gain Control and was primarilly used in VCR's to improve picture and later used by infamous Messovision to mess up tape recordings. It automatically increases video gain in darker scenes making them brighter. In theory your set should be properly calibrated and display video the way it was meant to be seen without any gain control, in real life it could make darker scenes look better.
so on or off guys.. What do you recommend
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