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I've just moved to a new house with a very large basement/warehouse area which is becoming my new listening area. It is 32 x 32 x 12 opening into another space of similar size. Concrete floors and brick walls.

What has surprised me are the bass issues. The sub response is actually pretty good, but my mains show an increase down low that wasn't apparent in my previous smaller room.

The further into the room I pull them, the higher the boost. They measure flattest in the bass close to the rear wall, but this stuffs up the mid and highs. I've attached charts of the old room versus the new.

I'm considering bass traps, but most talk is about using them in smaller rooms.

In a room my size, would I need commensurately more trapping? WIll they work at all?

I have a prepro which EQs my mains to a measured flat, but it doesn't quite sound right.

Old room

New room
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