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Do most people have a replacement bulb ready?

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I'm several monthes into my 1st projector and it just occurred to me that if (and when) my bulb goes, it wolud take at least several days to replace it. I'm assuming that most people have a replacement at the ready?

Also, are the repreferred places to buy them?
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I don't, mainly because I am upgrading on bulb failure or before so a new bulb would only be a gain for me on resale, which I doubt I will do.
Keep in mind your bulb warranty starts the day you receive it, not the day you install it.

I did have a spare bulb for my X1, but now that I've used it, I'm SERIOUSLY considering saving for a projector upgrade instead.
I waited until I had about 2700 hours on my first bulb, then replaced it with a new one. The original is now my spare.
In my first month with my PJ set up I have used 30 hours. This will last me 8.3 years before I need a replacement, so no I don't have a replacement bulb. If I pick up my usage, I may look into it, but even doubling the usage will still put it at 4 years.

If you get a bulb, I have heard that you need to run it for at least 10 hours because if it is going to fail, it is a high probability that it will fail in the first 10 hours.
I always keep a replacement on hand, even if the replacement is a half-used lamp. It takes about a week from ordering to delivery of a new one (if you can even find a dealer that has the lamp you need in stock) so it just makes sense to me to be ready. Of course, our PJ is on a lot (6-10 hours a day) so lamp failure or excessive dimming is always around the corner. Keeping a spare lamp means never having to sit in the dark.
"Do most people have a replacement bulb ready?"

Rather doubtful. It would be more common to read about members having a spare projector on hand (their prior purchase). Usually, by the time it's bulb replacement time, many have found the technology has advanced and prices have fallen enough to justify the upgrade.

I find my thinking squarely rooted in Stace's viewpoint: "Keep in mind your bulb warranty starts the day you receive it, not the day you install it.

Stace "
Thats the tough part about hanging onto your old projectors. If you're using them and the bulb goes, you're talking about a $300 bulb...for a PJ that might be worth $300 bucks ;)
For those who don't have a spare bulb and plan on upgrading whenever the original one goes out, what were you planning to do with the old pj when that time comes?

If you were thinking of selling the old one, how will you overcome the fact that it won't have a working bulb at the point of sale? Or that the existing bulb might be dimming dramatically? Should the prospective buyer just take your word for it that the image looks fine and all they'll have to do to find out is...buy a $300 bulb?

Anyway, that was my thinking in buying and keeping a spare bulb on hand. How was I going to sell this one before the next upgrade if I couldn't include a working bulb at the point of sale? That, and the fear of having the original one go out without a spare on hand just as I fired up the PJ for a gathering of friends who were all set to enjoy some HT fun.
You have to think of Projectors as commodities because their consumables do not depreciate in price the way the units themeslves do.

The only way to really work the projector angle is to buy a new one every year, and sell your old one while it still has low lamp hours and is still relatively desirable by people who can't afford the brand-new-released model.

So Instead of saving up $400 for a new lamp that year, you save up $600 or $700 and plan on upgrading the whole projector and sell the old one while it still has value as "last years model".

The reason I wouldn't bother with a spare bulb for resale value is because, people are buying the projector...not the bulb. A Z2 for $800 with a spare bulb is still a Z2.....who wants a Z2 today? you will ALWAYS take a loss on the projector, the bulb only means you'll be able to take a big loss versus a huge loss without one, but its a loss either way. Better to just save your pennies for a new PJ, and spend some of that money on a bulb if yours blows.....and the PJ is so good you dont plan on upgrading.
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HR, you sound like the perfect candidate for Tryg's ProjectorFlix(tm) plan:

Yes, folks, HR shares good advice in a 'disposable' projector world. Better to take a lessor beating.
I need a bulb a WEEK, 2 DV10 bulbs BLOWN after 15 hours each!!
Bud-Man, its time to call Optoma :) Thats not right....those bulbs should still be under warranty or there is something up with the PJ, maybe the fan isn't working right or the airflow is blocked?

PS: Tryg is crazy, but his ProjectorFlix idea sounds solid :D

For what its worth, I'm more of the "buy it and run it into the ground" mentality....I dont lease cars, either :) It just so happened that $999 is my magic buy point. When the H31 hit $999 I jumped in.....now, this 720p at $999 caused me to jump again....I'm expecting it to last me until 1080p's hit $999 which should still be a few yeras away.

Or until the next years model comes out and we all go "GEE I wonder if I should Upgrade!?" :D

We're a hopeless lot, really...
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I bought the PJ off Circuit-City's E-bay site, it said it didnt work, when i got it i found the bulb was broken on the end wire off the glass tube, got a new bulb,worked fine for a week.

I looked i had 16hrs on it, went upstairs came back down and it was off with lamp light on!!

Considering i didnt buy it new, they wont warranty it!!!, it only had 15 hrs when i installed the new bulb, it's like new in original box, even the plastic was on it!!

The bulb last night that blew doesnt look like anything wrong with it either.
I wouldn't throw any more money at it. Sell it for parts, and buy a new working projector...chalk it up to a life experience :)
Originally Posted by HeadRusch
I'm more of the "buy it and run it into the ground" mentality....
I subscribe to that philosophy.
...Sivartk ........chalk it up to a life experience .....

I agree, new to HT, but I see were its heading, :eek: I have a saltwater reef tank and this is cheaper but still expensive :eek: .
If you do want to have a spare on hand, run the first one for the full 90 day warranty. When it is no longer under warranty, buy a second one and swap this one in. The first one will be your spare. Otherwise you could buy a bulb with a flaw and not know it until years after the warranty is over.
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