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Do new HD DVD player models really matter?

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I've been reading for sometime about no new player announcement by Toshiba this, blah blah blah. That's cause Toshiba is just clearing old stock that blah blah blah.

But the question is for HD DVD does new players really matter?

In DVD age, that really was not a concern. Yes new players were introduced that made it more efficient, improved already included features, etc.

And I believe HD DVD follows this same model. Their player's are firmware upgradeable so can receive alot of software update. The main difference I may see is the inclusion of the "higher end features" in their lower priced line in the future.

However that being said, HD DVD players are not like BD players with profiles and players with missing features. HD DVD players have a set standard that all players have across the board that allows it to function with today's and new software to come.

So it is really that necessary that a CE company comes up with a new HD DVD player, other than to make manufacturing more efficient every year?
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New features can always be added and there's always people that will buy the newest version of the same thing if they can. in HD DVD's case though i don't think it's a "should they" but more if they do release a new HD DVD player it will indicate quite strongly that they haven't yet given up on the format.
There's no point in more new models Toshiba has to sell players and try to improve disc sales in the process, but as far as I'm concerned they have already waiting too long to do so..
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