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Do Open Box items get the manufacturer warranty?

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I saw a good buy a store for a Harman Kardon AVR235 for $275 + tax. It doesn't have a manual, but has the unit and the remote. The store is HH Gregg if that matters. It was a floor model.

I want to get it, but will HK back it if I bought it like that? Do I register it on their website to take advantage of it?

Thank you for any help.
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Yes, the open box item will have a manufacturer's warranty. It's treated like a new item. All you need for the warranty is the sales receipt.
Most of the time, you are only getting very little off of a USED item...

...that's why I only buy new.
Here is what customer service said. I must say this is fine customer service. It took no time time to answer me. I took Onkyo over a week just to answer a simple bandwidth question and that was in no so good English. Here is what HK said:

"Good morning and thanks for your inquiry to us. If when you purchased your product from HH Gregg the sales receipt just indicated that it was ‘as is’ then the warranty is just for the time period of the return policy of the retailer. However, if the sales receipt indicated that the purchase is ‘open box’ which just means that some contents that normally would be included with the product when purchased brand new in a sealed box may be missing and you are responsible for the cost for replacing any of these essential contents if required. However the warranty for the product remains the same as if it were brand new."
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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