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Hey guys, I have a dell w1700 17" lcd HDTV and just wanted to ask some questions about how the inputs output. It has component, DVI only for computer (because of the refresh rate), and VGA which i use for the xbox 360.

On examination of the boards, it has 3. The main board with dvi and vga, the tv/video board with component, s-video, tuner etc, and the sound board.

1. With the w1700 being 1280x768 native, are HD capabilities outputted to both the vga and component outputs?

2. Would they use the same processing?

3. Which outputs output HD? considering i have hd content

4. For some reason, maybe i'm crazy, i notice a slight little ghosting on the component input for the xbox 360 but when i switch to xbox 360 vga input i dont, --- does that make sense? For example: In gears of war, Component: aiming is hard ---- Vga: aiming is more accurate. It is like a motion laq

Maybe i'll add more later but i'm sure this is enough, thanks guys.

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