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Received my CA813 today and went to measure my vintage JVC DLA-HX2. I am considering an upgrade this year and wanted to understand the relative improvement.

I had previously measured the brightness off the screen at about 5ftl with a eyeone, but did not trust the absolute measurement. With my Digicam, I put the measurement between 7-10ftl, but that is an untrustworthly measure due to the large impact a fractional EV makes.

So - out comes the CA813 and here are the numbers.

Brightness 183 Lumens (5.08FC)

ANSI Contrast : 30 to video black (not below black) (yes, 30).

On/Off : 340 to video black, maybe 500 to below black.

(Bulb has 600 hours on it and blue panel is somewhat out of alignment)

I know - these are terrible, but I just want to verify that they sound 'about right' given how bad they seem in relative terms. Clearly, any new or even newer projector will make a huge difference.

(Considering HX2 refurm, new LCD post cedia or new JVC 550)

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