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Runco made some projectors where they released it as just the projector, or they released a model that came with a processor, something like this. Runco Vivix Video Processor Scaler Controller VX1000 Projector CCTV 2 for sale online | eBay

One time I saw a picture of a Runco processor a bit similar to this with the projector it came with, and the LED display on the front even said "Runco model so and so starting up," like it recognized it by name.

I was wondering if that meant, it has an algorithm to detect the projector plugged into it that it was designed for and was sold with, and if it detects any other projector plugged into it besides that one, it wont turn on, or it will say "incompatible" or something?

For instance, that other Runco processor with the LED display that said that (not the one in the link here) had various features that I might want to use with other projectors. It's not available to buy anywhere anyway, but if it ever came available used for $1,500 including the projector, and the only processor you can buy with the same features costs $1,000 new, it might be worth it to me to get a projector with it for an extra $500, you know what I mean? But only if it works with other ones.
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