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Do you guys use Wide or Panarama for 4:3 on Samsung DLP?

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What aspect setting do you guys prefer for 4:3 (if your not using Normal) viewing: Wide or Panaorama? I think Wide has a little less distortion on it. If you look at the CNN news ticker you can see some streching in Panarama. Not that it's a big deal.

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Panorama looks better to me. Stock tickers really show the effect, but I don't even consciously notice it anymore.
I like the wide for most viewing. The wide tends to make the image appear fatter. The panorama works best when viewing faces-- when the imaage is mostly in the center, but doesn't work well for action or sports.
I can only watch 4:3 in standard - that's one reason I bought a DLP set - no worry about burn in of the black bars down the sides.

Ever since I watched "Are you Hot" in Wide mode - where everyone looked very "Non-Hot", I decided "standard" was teh only way to go.
I thought I would only use Normal mode for 4:3 material, but I usually prefer Panoramic.

If there is too much important action ocurring on the edges then I'll switch to Normal.

I vote NORMAL.
I used to have a Samsung and I allways used Panorama. It looks much better to me than wide.
Normal is why I want a DLP and not a CRT based TV. I have a friend who feels cheated if there is any unused real estate showing on his TV screen.
I would always choose Panoroma over Wide for 4:3, however now I just view it in Normal mode. The stretching at the edges became too much of a distraction. Also, it displays about 40" diag on my 507, so that's not too bad for me to deal with.
I mostly use Normal. Sometimes, depending on the source (quality, content), I'll use Zoom1.

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I'm with Dean. I usually watch 4:3 in "Normal" but occasionally when a movie is letterboxed, one of the other settings (Panorama, Zoom 1 or Zoom 2) does a better job of enlarging the letterbox portion of the 4:3 image to fill the screen while NOT cutting off any of the image or distorting it. Mostly however, I have found that I don't watch 4:3 stuff - I stay with HD (HBO-HD, SHO-HD, PBS or NBC - my only HD sources from TWC) or DVDs.
For regular cable viewing, I use Normal mostly, occasionally Panorama, and Zoom 1 or 2 for letter box materials.
Normal for me. Panorama makes me queasy as stuff stretches at different rates when the camera pans. The kids watch cartoons in wide most of the time- most of them don't look bad- I think because they are already unreal, my brain doesn't process it as something bad.

I use Panorama. It took a short time to get used to it...but now we do not even notice the change for the most part.
I watch using panarama it leaves the center fine and only streches the edges. Im not sure how well this will work with sports. probably will watch that with wide. Since PIP aways returns you to wide when you exit I put a macro in that puts it back to panarama on exiting pip. By the way.

Because pip ALWAYS returns you to wide this helps a lot in allowing you to have a "known" aspect ratio state" for those who want to watch differnt types of info DVD,PC,DVI, using different aspect ratio settings!!!

Anyone firured out how to do the same with the TV/Video input source selection yet??? Main reason I would like descrete codes!!!
Panorama is pretty good, though I find it's only acceptable when watching programs where the camera remains stationary. Any kind of panning motion can be quite dizzying. But for most news shows, and shows like "Jeopardy" where the camera never pans from left to right, I find Panorama is superior to "Normal".

I also use Zoom 1 quite regularly. The cropping effect is not too noticible on many shows, especially if you adjust it so that the field of view is slightly higher than center. I use this mode to watch "Star Trek: The Next Generation" on a regular basis.

Also when watching televised movies that are unmatted transfers of 1.85:1 aspect movies (where the actual film has a full 4:3 frame exposed, but is cropped to 1.85:1 for theatrical release... and for the tv version they use just the full uncropped frame instead of pan and scan), using "Zoom 1" effectively gives you back the original widescreen framing. If you ever catch a televised 4:3 version of "Back to the Future" you will notice how effective this is, and how much better the framing of the shots are when you crop away the parts that weren't meant to be seen in the theater.

However, I'd say for 95% of my 4:3 viewing, I use "Normal" mode, and the rest of the time using Zoom when appropriate, and Panorama when it's not intrusive.
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