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Do you have to clean the 6100's air filter?

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I have read that with the infocus X1 you should clean the air filter after 250 hours. I now have 250+ hours on my Benq PB6100 and was wondering if I have to clean my air filter. I have looked at the usermanual and the service manual and cannot find any thing on an air filter.

Does the PB6100 even have an air filter to clean?

Thanks in advance,
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Any body????
I'd like to broaden this question and ask if there is anything at all that needs to be cleaned on the 6100. I'm at 220 hours and need to start thinking about that. Maybe?
y does everyone need a manual for everything???? use common sense people!

air filters are meant to be cleaned and or replaced every so often. same goes with your car's filters and your a/c filter at home. clean your projector filter every 10 hours or every hundred hours, or clean it when you see it looks dirty. its all upto you.

if a "how to live" manual never mentioned breathing, would you still breath? sheeeesh

OK somebody got up on the wrong side of the bed.

My question was that the User manal and service manual don't say anything about an air filter so does the PB6100 have one if so I am going to clean it.

Pretty sure you do not have to clean it because there isn't a filter in there in the first place
Bob619....thanks that is what I was wondering. Found it kind of weird that the manual did not mention it and neither did the service manual.

Is there anything for this projector that we can do to keep it running right or is it basically a maintanenc free projector?

I think there is a thread on cleaning the X1 and some other PJ's I would use that as a guied. I know hitting the fans with some canned air would not be a bad idea. When dust starts building up on fans you wear out the bearings they get louder and move less air. Hope that helps.
This is a very smart question, I was thinking of asking it myself. Is this a maintenance free PJ?
SkinnyJ is very right,

dust balls do accumate in the fans (especially the little fan#3 next to powersupply). This little fan#3 can cause a lot of problems if you do not periodically blow some compressed air into it. I noticed that the fan was getting louder and the rpms were not constant, I decided it was time to clean it. Once cleaned it was quiet and running normal again.
Thanks again BOB619 and SkinnyJ.

Anything else anybody can think of?
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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