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I have an acer ph530 that output 720p. On my A3, I keep it at 720p as it looks better to me than downconverted 1080i.

On my HTPC, I always keep the output at 1280x720.

I will need to upgrade my system some to make it HDCP compatible, but I think it should be fine otherwise. I am wondering if it is easier to playback at 720p than 1080p. It seems most people here are using 1080i/1080p. Or does it not matter because the source is 1080p and still needs to be processed?

MSI PM800 pr mainboard 775

Celeron D 356 (3.33 ghz)

2GB PC2-6400 Corsair

256MB XFX Nvidia 6200 AGP via DVI to Acer PH530 720p DLP (92")

Turtle Beach riviera via optical or 6 channel analog to onkyo

1TB Hard drives via SATAs

xp pro sp2

I already have the HD DVD / BR plugin for nero

I was able to play a 5 minute scene from an elephants dream at 720 (studdered in fast moving scenes but did play as long as I didn't try and use HWA - enabling HWA with Purevideo overheated the 6200 and blue screened me)

I am thinking a 2400 xt or 2600 pro would do it. I think the CPU would be fine. apparently a sempron 2800 can run HD DVD with UVD support.

The other option would be to upgrade CPU to a 670 (pentium 4 3.8) or a Pentium D 935 (3.2). add a really cheap HDCP compliant board like an 8400.

Both would run me about the same as the AGP versions of the 2400 and 2600 are more expensive.

I am also tempted to just swap the board for an MSI with PCI-e and get a cheaper PCI-e 2400 Pro. I could probably do that for cheap.

Or option 4, replace the board and cpu with an AMD 4600 x2 (or there abouts) and add a 2400 pro pci-e. resell the board, cpu and vid card off on ebay to compensate.

The problem with the last two, is that it would probably lock me out of windows. I have had this happen on some systems before when you make too much of a change. I hate the idea of having to reinstall and put my frontend and everything back together.

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The system resources will be the same since it is the graphics card that does the downscaleing of the 1080p recordings to 720p for output to your display so the graphics card will do more work then it would if you output 1080i or 1080p to your display.
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