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Do you wish Buttkicker had remote?

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I don't own this product - I'm considering a purchase - BUT it seems it would be much more user friendly if the amp could be remotely adjusted/turned off to accomodate individual movie mixes/music (or IS there a way to adjust it with a third party remote). Thanks in advance for any opinions/info.
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Crowson sells an amp for its product line of transducers/motion system that controls the volume and on/off.

Doesn't your front end (receiver/preamp) have a remote subwoofer level control of some sort? Even the Panasonic XR55 will let you control sub levels from your seat! That's the easiest way. Or you could add a Velodyne SMS-1, which I'd recommend doing for a variety of other reasons anyway. There are also considerably cheaper and more powerful bass EQ methods, but I find the Velo's user-friendliness and understated appearance worth the additional cost (I use it myself, though I haven't touched its remote since the initial setup) and it would add the remote control you see.
I imagine he wants to adjust a transducer (Buttkicker) separately.
You mean like Parts Express Part number 300-793? They are an advertiser here.

250 watt with remote control and crossover
Or just buy a cheap receiver on ebay and run the output through that first....
How about using a receiver's Zone 2 volume control.
Sorry if there was any confusion, I meant a remote to adjust/control the Buttkicker amp. I understand that you could make adjustments at the amp, just that it would be more convenient to do it on the fly from the seating position. Thanks for the responses.
Anyone found a solution for this? The BKA1000 is great but getting up to adjust the settings constantly is a major annoyance.

Originally Posted by mullet34  /t/845597/do-you-wish-buttkicker-had-remote#post_23543017

Anyone found a solution for this? The BKA1000 is great but getting up to adjust the settings constantly is a major annoyance.
I use Clark synthesis transducers.

You may try to use a manual volume control from Parts-express.com and attach it to the seat arm rest.

or find a BD player with analog 7.1 connection like OPPO-103 and use the remote to control the LFE output to the shakers amp.
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