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It looks like FINALLY there is true high speed internet in Manhattan: Docsis 3.0 from Time Warner Cable, which offers 50/5 mbps for $100 a month. Yeah, sounds like a bad deal for anyone with FIOS, but the only promise (for what that's worth) that Verizon has made is FIOS for NYC by 2014 -- a potential five year wait, and meanwhile I get 1.5Mbps down & 128Kbps up. A sick joke -- I routinely get better speeds on my iPhone over AT&T's much maligned 3G network.

The question: how do cable modems (and in particular Docsis 3.0) interact with clear QAM and EyeTV devices (I actively use a HD HomeRun and an EyeTV 500).

Say you have a Rat Shack 4 way coax splitter, you would simply run one of the splits to the cable modem the others to your QAM DVRs? And that should still work fine?
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