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I have 2 sets..

Viewsonic n4285p (1080p )


Westinghouse W4207 (720p)

For the longest time I had my 720 in my livingroom, hooked up to my PS2 and Wii.. Picture was pretty decent.

I moved, I ended up putting the 1080p in my livingroom since I was hooking it up to my office PC via HDMI and my 720p is now in my bedroom, hooked up to a WDTV.

But.. I notice now.. my Wii games are way more jaggy than before?

Is this a cause of the set, or native resolution being too many steps off of 480p?

Or is it just a crappier scaler in the Viewsonic, than the Westinghouse?

1. Would it be possible to get a Stereo Receiver that does upconverting?

(Like the Denon AVR-590 or AVR-790)

2. Are there any stand-alone devices that do this?

I've been lurking amongst the internet for a bit, and I've found a couple devices, namely



XCM 1080p Mega-cool vga box http://www.xcm.cc/xcm_1080p_megacool_vga_box.htm

They apparently help with the scaling but...I've got next to no information on them...the internet is quite dry.. so I assume these aren't widely used or accepted as solutions.

3. Will a 1080p Westinghouse work better than Viewsonic, since my 720 seemed to handle the resolution fine?

Worst Case Scenario, I can swap the two sets. I just want to know the inner-workings of why a "superior" set does not work as well as an older generation. I'd also like to figure out how to reduce jagged pixels on my old devices as best I possibly can.

Its educational!!

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Its the scaling engine ....some brands are better than others & its all to do with the silicone that they put in their 1080p televisions. The bravia engine in sony sets is class leading & is why they are often regarded very highly when it comes to SD viewing (although they have issues elsewhere like uneven back lights in some models). Getting a decent scaler will solve your problems unless the pannel itself is not upto snuff (then no amount of scaling will solve this issue) ...The Hd fury is quite well regarded, anything with reon processing or realta from Silicon Optix. Some amps have good scalers built in (but you are talking mid to high end). To increase the PQ of your 1080p televisions with Sd content try turning down the sharpness before splashing the cash ....It may not make a diff, but worth a shot.


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