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Hello, I'm new here as well as to HT.

I've been building up a system for about a year now and am still working on getting it all together. I haven't even got it hooked up yet!

My goal was high-end 2 channel and good HT. I had 5 speakers built... Ellis 1801's for mains and GR-Research AV-1's for center and surrounds. My space limitation calls for 5.1 max.

Question 1:

Since I'm going 5.1, does that give me more options for purchasing better used or older eqpt? In other words, would I benefit from some of the newer processing like ES, EX, DPLII, with a 5.1 system? Or am I just as well off looking at processors that just have 5.1 processing up to DTS?

Question 2:

With regard to B&K, is there any benefit to the 50 series over the 30 series with a 5.1 setup?

I have the opportunity to buy a 307 receiver for $1650 new which I assume is a real good price.

Question 3: I bought an Outlaw 1050 with the idea that it would do the processing and power the surrounds while getting a 2-channel preamp with HT bypass and external amp (Odyssey) for the mains. I haven't bought the preamp yet and am now reconsidering an all-in-one system where the processor can also be my preamp (I'll keep the Odyssey amp for the mains regardless and use the receiver's amplification for the surrounds). If so, I would replace the 1050 with a higher end receiver (for 2-channel). Is that a bad idea for really fine 2-channel music? My budget is limited to around $1500 for the receiver and/or preamp (and I'm not opposed to buying used!).

Question 4: How does the Outlaw 1050 stack up to the higher-end receivers (both in processing and amplification as well as SOUND)?

Question 5: I expect my listening to be 50/50 music/HT and I have high expectations for music... slightly less for HT. Knowing this, what direction would you point me in regarding the above scenarios and what equipment would you suggest?

Finally, my reasoning for mentioning B&K is because I like the direct-mode option for 2-channel and I also like the great bass management options. I'm a little skeptical based on my research that it will make the cut as my 2-channel preamp. I'm open to all suggestions, however.

Thanks a million.

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