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Does Acon do straight Green convergence?

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I've gotten the green convergence "ok" on my Ehome 8000.... but it seems like I recalibrate once a week (still learning how to do it :) ). I dont really NEED an Acon, but if it does Green convergence and gets it STRAIGHT... ARROW STRAIGHT... then that would definately be a selling point. :D

This "learning to calibrate" stuff is almost as addictive as watching movies is.

Btw... stock color settings on this thing is "dead on" with the blue color adjustment in DVE. "No adjustment necessary". :thumbsup:

Now I just need to move on and figure out how to adjust the slightly off red and awful green. Well, they look fine to me, except through the DVE filter. But if there's a tweak to be had, then I'll end up doing it on one of my future calibrations.

Hey, is there such a thing as too much calibration???? Is it possible to damage an Ehome if I do the complete reset too often?
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ACON will only converge red and blue onto your green. It won't straighten your green at all.

I like my ACON, but in the 3 minutes it takes to learn the screen, and then the 3 minutes it takes to do the ACON, and then the 3 more minutes it takes if it misses a corner so I run it again just because it's fun to watch...

But I can step though the Guided manual convergence just as quickly. The ACON won't do any better than you can after a little practice.

I was afraid of that, Clarence. Thanks for smartening that up for me. :)

It would definately be nifty if it did a)perfect red/blue or b) good green. Since it does neither, I don't epect to buy one alltogether soon.
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