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Does anyone have a list of movie titles on WMV9 HD ?

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I need to be be buying WMV9 HD disks.

I have seen there are heaps available in Europe. I just have to have Underworld in HD.

Can someone help me out here by listing where they are getting them from?

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Microsoft's WMP9 website has a list. However, it is displayed by your region (U.S. page only has Reg1 titles, etc.).
I was going to buy some too...But not if the HD version has that annoying logo, as seen in the clips.

Is the DVD WMVHD presentation logo free?

The Microsoft page has only those titles available in the USA. There are actualy movies available in Europe.

I followed a heap of links and they all lead to foreign language sites which is fine. But there is quite a list of them.

Gangs of New York, Underworld and at least a dozen others. I want em all but cant find how to get them.

I have all the Macgilivray WMV9 disks but I am getting sick of marvelling at them. I am ready to jump ship on DVD's but I need the titles.
Gangs of New York, Underworld and at least a dozen others. I want em all but cant find how to get them.
None of those German titles have been released yet. I’m looking forward to them as well, since they’re supposed to have original English soundtracks in addition to the dubbed German tracks.

However, High-def.de apparently cannot sell directly to non German-speaking countries. :( But I’m hoping that once those titles actually get released they’ll also be available from other retailers that do not impose such restrictions. Amazon.de should be one of them.

These are the only European WMV-HD titles available for sale right now:
  • Taxi 3 (France) [Original French audio only]
  • Les Rivières Pourpres 2 (Crimson Rivers 2) (France) [Original French audio only]
  • Tomb Raider 2 (Germany) [Dubbed German audio only]
  • Open Range (Italy) [Dubbed Italian audio only]

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I hope the tomb raider disks have english on them

I was reading a thread about that said that in the German page. It says that the language support is German and English.

But on the English page it just says German

So I think the tomb raider disks have english on them.

The upcoming releases should have English audio, including both Tomb Raider films. But we’ll only know for sure once they materialize.

The Tomb Raider 2 WMV-HD version mentioned in my previous post, which is available for sale right now, does not have English audio. Furthermore, it is only sold as part of a 6-disc collector's set containing Tomb Raider I and II in regular DVD-Video format.

I can hardly wait. This is going to be very cool. Have you managed to get T2 working in HD in Europe??

I cant get mine to run. Doesnt seem to matter what proxy i use
LOL Goggle gives all kinds of web sites with HD movie content - too bad its all XXX rated stuff - movies you would not want to view while the wife was home LOL - seems XXX stuff always get s it done faster (PUN)

LOL why can't Holly woood take a clue LOL

I also found this " www.cinemanow.com "

"CinemaNow Premieres High-Definition Movie Downloads"

CinemaNow Inc., the leader in broadband video-on-demand distribution and technology, today announced the premiere of its High-Definition Channel that will make High-Definition Movies available for download in Windows Media High-Definition format for playback on Windows XP-based PCs, including the Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 PC just announced by Bill Gates today in Los Angeles. This announcement marks the first broad adoption of mainstream High-definition movies being been made available on-demand via the Internet. The first titles released on CinemaNow in Windows Media Video HD are MacGillivray Freeman Films' giant screen IMAX films through a deal with Image Entertainment.

I signed up for the newsletter just to see how it goes - what the heck is one more piece of spam anyway LOL

O yes they only use guess who IE LOL "can you say Ms is getting into everything just like cat hairs LOL

they give 7 day free trial - hard to tell which is hd - not easy to find - looks like most DVD - but you download to get it

Two Cents

Two Cents
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So in terms of actual movies, we have Speed and T2. From an English (US) perspective, are there any oter titles coming out? The microsoft website lists nothing that I could find for "coming soon".


Is there a version of " Speed" In HD ??? I havent seen any reference to that one
well this site has been already mentioned http://www.high-def.de/start.php?nav=80

I already ordered around 12 copies of these movies.... several guys from avs already sent money via paypal and i'm helping them in getting these movies :)

If you really want them just PM me

I will also make a thread on the picture quality and sound once I get these DVD-Roms
So how is it that we have such recordings not commercially available here in the states? Also, I've looked but have found no region 1 listings on the microsoft website??
What a spectacular list! How come we can't get these in the states??
Originally posted by htjames
So how is it that we have such recordings not commercially available here in the states? Also, I've looked but have found no region 1 listings on the microsoft website??
coz the movies listed at www.high-def.de are german finaced movies and obviously they have local distribution rights in germany.

Tomb Raider 1,2 We Were Soldiers are not Paramount releases here in Germany, same with UNDERWORLD. Its a Sony release in USA but in Germany its by Concorde video and Concorde Videos' mother company are the co-financiers of these movies.
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