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Does anyone know a way to link an Alarm app to Lights (or other smart devices)?

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I swear that somehow this is not possible (or I'm just too dumb to find the solution)!

Specific Use-Case: I want to be able to set an alarm before I go to bed (say for 8am) and have my lights automatically turn on at 7:30am (30 minutes prior to my alarm going off). Yes, I realize that I could just set both the lights and the alarm manually, but this introduces other issues. I am specifically using a iphone alarm and a LIFEx lightbulb, but I'd actually prefer to have it turn on several different lights or smart lights.

General Use-Case: Is there a way to set a one-time variable in a single app and have all other smart devices set themselves based on that variable?

Things I've Tried Unsuccessfully: Setting everything manually, using IFTTT, trying to use Apple Home or Apple's Bedtime feature on the Clock App. IFTTT doesn't seem to allow independent variables unless you have a server. Apple Home requires an Apple TV or other device. Bedtime on the Clock app doesn't talk to anything else.
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I use Indigo Domotics software as my centerpoint and stuff like this is a cinch.

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