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Does Anyone remember the Acoustic Research Model 3?

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In the early 90's Acoustic Research made an attempt to move into high-end territory. I recall that they had a Pre-Amp and a Speaker. Audio magazine tested the Pre-Amp. As far as I know, the speaker was never tested by a magazine, however, it was at an audio show in New York. A long time reviewer said these were "the most natural sounding speaker" he had ever heard.

I was able to quickly get my hands on the poop sheet for the speaker. At that time the price for a pair of these was $5,500. Way more than I was prepared to spend.

These speakers were about 49 inches tall had an MTM arrangement on a narrow, open panel. The mid ranges were 3 inch domes and the tweet was a one inch soft dome.

A 12 inch sealed woofer occupied the bottom. The speaker weighed 85 pounds.

I have always wished I could have heard them.

I wonder if anyone on this forum ever heard them and if so, what was your reaction?


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I have a similar one, the AR-11. It has a 1" dome tweeter, a 3" dome midrange and a 11" woofer. They sound really good except they are 17 years old and showing their age.

You sure about the model number? I remember a speaker called the AR3 that was developed in the 60s. It then became the AR3A. AR's high end assault at the time was the AR LST which looked like a bipole speaker of today on steroids. AR introduced a speaker similar to the one you describe called the AR 9 that was quite revolutionary for its day. It was designed by Ken Kantor right after his MIT days when AR was still in the Boston area. This was just before the founding of NHT.

Check out this link: http://www.arsenal.net/speakers/ar/classic/ar-3/ar3.htm

Looks like you might be referring to the Limited 3, designed by David Day.

Here's a link: http://www.arsenal.net/speakers/ar/C...ic_Limited.htm
Yes Tony,

I am referring to the Limited 3, designed by David Day of Day-Sequerra fame. What reminded me of the Limited 3 was seeing the Madisound Orion, similar but different.
I wonder if any were ever produced. Looked like a very interesting design.
Let us also not forget the AR turntable, with the flating platter/arm sub-chassis.
But the tonearm on that sucker was a clunker, although the V15s worked pretty well in it.
Then AR re-introduced an updated version of the AR Turntable called the ES-1 in the mid-80s with a much improved arm (or the ability to add the arm of your choice like the very popular Rega RB300). These were well-received by those (like me) who couldn't afford a Linn. I still have mine, although it doesn't get much use these days.
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